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Awesome iWatch concept showing flexible display and iOS 7


Awesome iWatch concept showing flexible display and iOS 7

Apple’s iPhone 5S and 5C aren’t the only ones grabbing headlines. Designers have been making concept designs since reports suggested that Apple is working on a new smartwatch.

While there are several concepts that have already been made for the iWatch, an astonishing one comes from Ciccarese Design’s Federico Ceccarese. His design concept might be the best that has been released for the smartwatch so far. It shows the watch with a flexible touchscreen display, and it looks like a high-end futuristic fashion accessory rather than a simple watch. It’s even running the yet to be made public iOS 7.

Ciccarese isn’t a new name when it comes to making concepts for Apple products. They have done that in the past when they made one for the 4-inch iPhone. They have also released real-life like concepts for iPad 5 and now Federico has done another for the iWatch.

However, this concept is based around the ‘Bi-stable Spring with Flexible Display’ patent that belongs to Apple. The flexible touchscreen display accompanies the watch that looks like a snap on bracelet from the 90’s.

There have been several rumors around Apple’s iWatch since the start of 2013. Bloomberg informed that above 100 designers are working on it, and few reports also suggested that Apple has also brought in someone from outside to help.

There have been bare minimum details about the device itself, but it’s said to come with fitness and health tracking sensors along with iOS 7. The launch isn’t coming anytime soon.

Would you buy an iWatch when and if it comes? What do you think of the mockup? Feel free to leave comments.

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