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Auxo Tweak Coming For iPad In 6 Days


Auxo Tweak Coming For iPad In 6 Days

As an iPhone user you probably must heard about one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks which called Auxo. And when Auxo first released it was only supporting iPhone and iPod Touch devices. But today ladies and gentlemen I've got some good news for you.. Auxo jailbreak tweak will be coming to your jailbroken iPad in less than one week. According to a new teaser image taken from Auxo official website. Auxo will be live for iPad in 6 days...

For those who haven't heard about Auxo before, it is a jailbreak tweak which brings a completely re-imagined take on the iOS task switcher. Conceptualized & Designed by Sentry (with inspiration from Lorand Koncz) Coded & Developed by Jack Willis (with assistance from Jamie D.)

For the App Switcher, Auxo replaces the standard icon view with versatile app cards. Along with being able to preview each app, you can also swipe them down to remove. You can even remove more than one app by using multiple fingers! If you want to remove all your apps in one swoop, simply tap and hold on an app to bring up Auxo’s custom switcher-prompt. Hit yes, and your switcher will feel as good as new!

The redesigned Playback page not only improves the audio controls, but gives you more information about what’s currently playing as well. Just tap on the album art icon to pop up a full-size version of the artwork. You can also access a volume slider by swiping up within the switcher.
And right now with these great news, Auxo tweak will be coming for iPad on 06/06/2013 as the teaser image says... As usual we will keep you updated with any news from the developers.. So keep yourself updated with us....

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