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Are You Excited About Black & White iOS 7 Facelift ? [POLL]


Are You Excited About Black & White iOS 7 Facelift ? [POLL]

So as we are getting more closer and closer to WWDC 2013 which will be on June 10 in San Francisco, there is too many things we are expecting to see iOS 7 new software for Apple devices... But in case you have been following Apple news lately, you may heard that Apple is working on a black and White iOS 7 facelift..
As asserted by the very reliable writer Mark Gurman, Ive not only got rid of skeumorphism, he also eliminated the shine and transparent gloss for one that’s flat and mostly black and white.

And with two weeks until Apple’s June 10 keynote at WWDC 2013, we’ll soon find out just how deep the rabbit hole of visual changes in iOS 7 go. For now, we’re asking you to join the discussion and tell us where you stand on the black & white iOS 7 revamp…

Gurman wrote in his exhaustive iOS 7 revamp story:
While the core elements of those apps are mostly white, each app has been given a unique button color.
Essentially, each app has a white base with a respective color theme.
Check out this video:
And here's another screenshot shows how the dialing box will looks like:
Now why don't you leave your vote and what do you think about a Black And White iOS 7 facelift ?


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