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Apple’s iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c Banned Video [HUMOR]


Apple’s iPhone 5s And iPhone 5c Banned Video [HUMOR]

Apple unveiled the iPhone 5c and 5s on September 10th, 2013 in Town Hall, Cupertino and there has been mixed reactions so far. The price of the iPhone 5c was well above what everybody was expecting, and this has led Apple’s stock to a 5 percent decline. As for the iPhone 5s, the major upgrade was the Touch ID.

While preorders for iPhone 5c go strong, and the iPhone 5s also expected to bring in a lot of buyers (as indicated by the fact that preorders are starting in China from September 17th), marketing teams aren’t really impressed with Apple’s unveiling as videos suggest.

JLE has posted two banned videos about iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. We recommend taking them lightly as they were mostly released for fun:
So what do you think guys ? 

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