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Apple’s Board Of Directors Are Getting ‘Deeply Concerned’ With Apple’s Lack Of Recent Innovation


Apple’s Board Of Directors Are Getting ‘Deeply Concerned’ With Apple’s Lack Of Recent Innovation

Apple has without a doubt had another successful year and has proved it isn’t entirely out of innovations with the announcement of iOS 7 — that most radical iOS update since the initial introduction of the mobile operating system. In terms of hardware, however, Apple has really pushed its existing product lineup as far as they can go through incremental updates.

When I say this I don’t mean they are part the point where they can’t be improved, because obviously Apple isn’t going to just stop updating them. Rather people are now expecting the next big thing from Apple.

In the past Apple was light years ahead of the competition with products like the iPhone and iPad, so incremental updates seemed very innovative. Over the last few years, however, the likes of Samsung and Microsoft have quickly caught up to Apple.


Next month Apple is expected to be releasing the iPhone 5S, budget iPhone, iPad Mini 2 and the 5th generation iPad. Are these products going to be great?

You bet! But are they going to be innovative?

In a way yes, but it won’t be anything groundbreaking.

People are starting to get impatient for the next Apple revolution and it isn’t just onlookers. According to Fox Business News Apple’s own board of directors is  “deeply concerned” about the company’s perceived slowing of the pace of innovation.

This is what reporter Charlie Gasparino had to say on the matter:

“From what we understand, there is concern at the board level, sources are telling the Fox Business Network, about the pace of innovation over at Apple. What have they had lately? They had the iPad and a few other things, but they don’t have anything innovating from what came from Steve Jobs and that concern is basically manifesting into pressure on Tim Cook to innovate, and to do something fast.

We should point out, this is an interesting boardroom drama. It does not mean that Tim Cook is out of a job or that there is a job search out there, we don’t know that and I don’t believe that is happening. In fact, sources inside Apple are saying that’s not the case.

What we are able to confirm is that the board is worried about what is in the pipeline. Do they have the right stuff in the pipeline? Do they have innovative stuff in the pipeline? Do they have stuff to keep the momentum going?”

Gasparino made it clear that the board isn’t exactly unhappy with Cook’s performance, but it is indeed concerned with the company’s lack of innovative products. And the board is right to have these concerns. Cook can’t rely on the success of Jobs’ innovative products forever or the company will surely lose momentum.

What will Apple’s next innovative product be? An iWatch… an iTV? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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