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Apple Will Livestream California’s iPhone Event In Tokyo, Berlin And Beijing


Apple Will Livestream California’s iPhone Event In Tokyo, Berlin And Beijing

Apple announced that September 10 will be a big day where the company is going to announce new iPhone 5S/5C and introduce iOS 7 to the public... In the past few days we didn't know if Apple will live stream the iPhone event or not... Today we've got a new report saying that Apple will live stream California's iPhone event in three countries: Tokyo, Berlin and Beijing...

According to a new report from AllThingsD, Apple will livestream the Cupertino event via satellite in other big cities around the world, including Japan’s Tokyo and Germany’s Berlin…

John Paczkowski, writing for the Wall Street Journal-owned AllThingsD blog:
On September 10th, Apple will hold a special event at its Cupertino, CA headquarters at which it is expected to unveil its next generation iPhones. And a few hours later, it will hold three more at a trio of international locations.
These satellite launches will be held in Berlin, Tokyo and Beijing, and will feature a video replay of the Cupertino event.
When he says “satellite launches”, Paczkowski is likely referring to private video feeds for select members of the press and possibly business partners. At press time, there was no definite confirmation whether or not Tuesday’s iPhone event might be livestreamed to the general public.
Curiously, the author wrote on Twitter that the September 11 event in Beijing might be more than a video replay of the California iPhone event. The time zone differences would make it difficult to livestream the press conference in China: the California event kicks off at 9am Pacific / 1pm Eastern, which translates to 2am in the morning in Beijing, which is untenable.

A lot of things still unclear for too many of us... But everything we need to know shall appear on September 10..

At any rate, the impending iPhone keynote should be a global event and that’s saying a lot about Apple’s expectations from this year’s S-upgrade (the iPhone 5S) and the all-new plastic iPhone 5C.

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