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Apple Updates Apps With Support For iPhone 6 And iPhone 7


Apple Updates Apps With Support For iPhone 6 And iPhone 7

Things is getting very wild more and more as we are getting closer to September 10... From a few days Apple posted a small update for a number of its apps like iMovies, GarageBand and more...And while the updates themselves seem insignificant—most of their change logs read “addresses compatibility issues”—they may not be.
Today and while I was surfing on the App Store, I've found too many apps now show that that they’ve been “optimized for iPhone 6″ in their Compatibility sections on the App Store. Does this mean the iPhone 5S is actually the iPhone 6?

Would it be a mistake from Apple ? 

NOTE: As noted by several users, it appears that Apple either has a major glitch in its iTunes backend, or is totally trolling us. Users are seeing “optimized for iPhone 6, 7″ and so on, depending on their region. We have updated the title of the post to reflect this.

As noted by The Verge, it’s very possible that the message is merely an odd mistake, or, even an intentional one to throw a wrench in the rumor mill. So there’s no guarantees here that this is indicative of Apple’s plans. But it is rather interesting, isn’t it?

Still confused ? Better check by yourself ! Go and open the App Store from your iPhone or iPad and tap on any app, you will see something difference in the compatibility box.

Probably I think it is a code error or something... We will be updating this article as soon as we get something new... Stay tuned...


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