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Apple unveils the colorful iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s with Touch ID fingerprint sensor


Apple unveils the colorful iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s with Touch ID fingerprint sensor

At its Cupertino Campus, Apple unveiled two new iPhones – the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s. This is the first time that Apple has gone ahead and released two new iPhones to cater to the market, instead of releasing just a single handset like every year. The leaks about both the handsets were pretty spot-on, and there was no surprising element in the event, except for perhaps the price of the iPhone 5c. 

The iPhone 5c will replace the existing iPhone 5, and packs the same internals as the latter inside a steel-reinforced polycarbonate shell. The only internal difference between the iPhone 5c and the 5 is the slightly bigger battery on the former, and an improved LTE radio. Otherwise, the 5c is still powered by a dual-core A6 chip, packs a 4-inch Retina Display with 1136*640 resolution, an 8MP iSight Camera, Lighting connector and will be available in 16/32/64GB storage capacities. The full spec sheet of the iPhone 5C can be found here.

The iPhone 5c will be available in multiple colors including Pink, Blue, Red and White etc. The handset will hit the shelves on September 20th for $99 on a two-year contract with 16GB of storage space, while the 32GB version will set you back by $199. Perhaps the most surprising part about the iPhone 5c is its price, both on-contract and off-contract ($549). The prices are significantly higher than what most people expected, and in the same price, one can easily buy any of the latest high-end Android devices.

The iPhone 5s is the higher-end iPhone, and is the true successor to the iPhone 5. While the iPhone 5s has the same design language as the iPhone 5, it comes with certain new under-the-hood improvements and a new gold color. Under the hood, the iPhone 5s is powered by Apple’s own A7 processor, which is the world’s first 64-bit System-On-Chip. Other major new enhancements include a new LTE baseband that supports a bunch of bands, an improved 8MP iSight camera with an F/2.2 aperture and a dual-LED flash with two different tones, slow-motion video recording at 120 FPS, an M7 motion processor, dual-band Wi-Fi, and a Touch ID fingerprint sensor integrated right into the Home button.

Even after packing in so many new features and technological advancements, Apple states that the iPhone 5s will offer the same battery life as the iPhone 5. The full specs of the iPhone 5s can be found here. The iPhone 5s will also hit the retail stores on 20th September with the 16GB model coming in at $199 on a two-year contract.

Compared to all the latest and greatest Android devices out there, the iPhone 5s only packs a few new novelties, including a fingerprint scanner that is integrated right into the home button, and the 64-bit microprocessor. However, at this point, the advantages of a 64-bit processor/OS is dubious to say the least.


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