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Apple To Offer Advanced iPhone 5s Reservation On September 17 In China


Apple To Offer Advanced iPhone 5s Reservation On September 17 In China

The iPhone 5c has already been up for preorders (with the yellow 16 GB model already sold out), but those interested in iPhone 5s will have to wait a week as it will arrive on September 20th.
However, in China, there’s a reservation system starting on September 17th. The rest of the world will have to wait till September 20th, but those living in China can take action early.

Apple has been using this system in the country for the last few years, because it helps controlling the crowd in the most populated country of the world. Last year, several turned up at Hong Kong in iPhone and iPad launch to get their hands on the product first.

The system works like this: the identification information is given along with the device intended for purchase, and then the fruit company gives a time to come back and complete the purchase. However, an important point to note is that this is somewhat a preorder for the handset.
Apple is taking greater interest in China, but that isn’t a surprise considering the purchasing power of the growing economy and it’s currently the number one for smartphone and tablet sales. Apple is also said to be in a deal with China Mobile.

Those living in mainland or Hong Kong can apparently start preordering iPhone 5s on September 17th at 12:01 am, while can pick up the device on 20th September at 8: am.

[via MacTrast]

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