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Apple Stores To Demo Touch ID Using A Dedicated App


Apple Stores To Demo Touch ID Using A Dedicated App

This Friday, Apple’s iPhone 5s will be launching, and the latest news is that Apple’s retail employees will be showing the new Touch ID feature and how it functions. A new report suggests that they will be doing this through an app that has been specifically designed for the purpose.

The feature, which was made possible after Apple acquired AuthenTenc last year, unlocks the device after the fingerprint sensor approves the finger touch of the user. It can also be used to make purchases on the App Store.

According to 9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman:
We’ve learned that Apple has designed a demo application specific to the iPhone 5s demo units that will be found in Apple Stores and Carrier stores. To test Touch ID, a customer can launch the demo app. In this app, a customer can setup the device to recognize a single fingerprint.
When the setup process is complete, the application will direct the user to place that fingerprint on the Touch ID sensor on the Home button. The application will then show that the Home button successfully read the fingerprint. Then, the app will tell the user to place a different finger on the Home button. The app will then show a red fingerprint outline to note that the authentication was not successful.
This indicates that the app under use will reset for each of the customer who tries out the touch ID processor. Employees will also educate customers that total five prints are supported by the Touch ID. Employees will also tell about the upgraded camera and the new A7 64-bit processor.

This is a wise marketing strategy by Apple, as Touch ID is the hallmark feature on the iPhone 5s, and making it clear to consumers would only attempt purchases. The demo units wont store fingerprints thanks to the app

So what do you think guys ?  

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