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Apple Starts Showing New Mac Pro Commercials In Movie Theaters


Apple Starts Showing New Mac Pro Commercials In Movie Theaters

You may be planning to go out to watch the new movie JOBs starring Ashton Kutcher or another movie in the cinemas. If you’re an Apple fan, you should keep your eyes open for the new Mac Pro ad. It’s going to be in theaters around the world according to reports.

The commercial that was showcased at WWDC earlier as a part of the sneak preview for the new computer features the Pro desktop tower from different angles. Check out the video fo the ad for yourself.

Check out this video: 
The most important part of the ad is that line that’s ending with ‘Fall 2013’ (spotted first by MacRumors). The information regarding the launch around fall is the first time that such information has surfaced on the web for Mac Pro.

Apart from the new casing that’s in black, the new Mac Pro is smaller than its previous counterparts and is said to be 2.5 times faster. It is going to feature PCIe flash storage, dual AMD FirePro GPUs and 12-core Xeon processor.

Apple is going to host an iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C media event on September 10th. The date has been almost confirmed. For launching the next-generation iPad and iPad Mini, it’s going to plan a separate event later. However, it’s unknown when Apple’s plans for unveiling the Mac Pro computers.

What do you think of the computers? Do you think they can replace traditional desktops in the future? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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