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Apple Starts Approving Games With iOS 7 Controller Support


Apple Starts Approving Games With iOS 7 Controller Support

iOS 7 continues to excite everyone with an iDevice, because we are only few days away from its public releases. The revamped firmware has a lot of new features such as Find My iPhone Apple password and ID to disable the app, Control Center and a new user interface.

However, the change being talked about these days is that the firmware will offer support for third-party game controllers. A report from TouchArcade also suggests that Apple has already started to approve the games that offer support.
Touch Arcade report

“I really hate that we’re reduced to this level of Apple tea leaf reading, but, here we are. If you’re among the boatload of our readers who are totally excited for iOS 7 game controllers, here’s some good evidence that they might be coming sooner rather than later: Apple is now approving game updates that specifically support controllers. AVP: Evolution [$0.99] is the first one that has popped up on our radar.”
The site says it is the first one with new API for controller. Apple has also been reported to be planning for its native controllers in is working with MOGA and Logitech.

Apart from the game controller support feature, the iOS 7 in iPhone 5s also comes with an enhanced graphic support, because the handset itself is running on the latest 64-bit chip, the first to be offered in a smartphone to this date.
Let’s see what happens in the next few months. Can we see competition with PS4? Xbox One? Perhaps?


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