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Apple Posts New iPad Videos On Its YouTube Channel, Check Them Out!


Apple Posts New iPad Videos On Its YouTube Channel, Check Them Out!

In case you haven’t watched Apple’s iPad keynote then you would not have seen Apple’s iPad Air commercial. In this 60-second commercial we are shown a pencil on a desk in multiple environments ranging from a school from a research lab. What is behind the pencil is what may surprise you…

Check out the ad for yourself right from Apple’s official YouTube channel.

Surprise, it was an iPad Air behind the pencil, although I am sure most of you probably guessed that from the beginning. Here is the commentary from the ad in case you missed some of it:

It’s an extremely simple tool, but also extremely powerful. It can be used to start a poem or finish a symphony. It has transformed the way we work, learn, create, share…

It’s used to illustrate things, solve things and think of new things. It’s used by scientists and artists, scholars and students. It’s been to classrooms, boardrooms, expeditions – even space.

And we can’t wait to see where you’ll take it next.

Introducing the thinner, lighter, more powerful iPad Air.

Notably the narrating voice of the Pencil TV ad for the iPad Air is none other than Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston.

Another video that Apple shared during its October 22nd keynote was one where titled ‘Life on iPad.’ In this specific video people around the world are shown using the iPad in different scenarios ranging from entertainment, health, business, education and much more.

Apple said “We wanted to document those changes. During three weeks in September and October of 2013, we traveled the world to see how people are using iPad. Here are some of the examples we found.”

During this video a ton of different apps are shown off, here are just some of them.

  • PDF Expert
  • FieldView
  • Dartfish Express
  • Coach’s Eye
  • Benthic Transect
  • Numbers
  • MenuPad
  • Topo Maps
  • MotionX GPS HD
  • CloudAhoy
  • GoodReader
  • StageWrite
  • Fraunhofer MEVIS Liver Explorer
  • Junaio Augmented Reality Browser
  • Clinometer HD
  • Stop Motion Studio Pro
  • SketchBook Pro for iPad
  • Procreate
  • Traditional Furniture
  • Magic Piano by Smule
  • Djay 1
  • GarageBand
  • Theodolite HD
  • Hudl
  • iPhoto

And finally while we are on an iPad Air video spree you might as well watch the promotional clip from Jony Ive and other Apple executives.

There is some brilliant marketing on this page is there not? What do you think of the iPad Air? Share your thoughts in the comments section below…

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