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Apple Now Allows 200 iOS Devices For Testing And Ad Hoc Distribution


Apple Now Allows 200 iOS Devices For Testing And Ad Hoc Distribution

It has been a while since Apple allowed developers to register for up to 100 iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone for a yearly membership fee of $99. They mostly used them for ad hoc distribution and testing of applications.

However, large scaled teams of developers aren’t happy with Apple’s policy, stating that there can be complications in case of complex projects where several individuals are involved in software development.
The devices are quite vital for purpose of testing.

Third party developers constantly use beta updates of apps which require the registration of a UDID account on the iOS Dev Center on Apple’s website.

While the limit for using the iDevices had been set to 100 by Apple, looks like they have realized the need for more devices for ad hoc distribution. The fruit company has now doubled the limit, and now developers can use up to 200 iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone on a single account. There have been several tweets about the change.

Check out this tweet:
Dallas Brown’s tweet shows that his account already had 81 registered devices on the iOS developer center and the dashboard shows that there is space for more 119 devices, clearly suggesting that the space has been doubled. However, there is no official confirmation from Apple about the change.

Removing the device does free up space (once its registered, it counts forever) until the membership is renewed, so Apple may have made this decision after listening complaints from developers about the limit.
This also means that those who have been selling access to iOS 7 beta built with a UDID account will also be making more money than before.

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