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Apple Is Working On Multitouch Gesture For iOS Keyboard


Apple Is Working On Multitouch Gesture For iOS Keyboard

Apple has been hesitant about updating its virtual keyboard feature till now. However, a new patent reveals that the company is looking to adopt a new multitouch keyboard. The title of the patent is ‘Swipe gestures for touch screen keyboards’, and it has been said to include gestures that will include standard keyboard tasks.

Apple Insider writes that the patent shows:
“Apple is not only open to the idea of buffered virtual QWERTY input, but has been experimenting with the technology since 2007″
An example shows that a swipe towards the left will let the user delete a character that was mistyped. They would also be able to delete a whole line or a complete word with a multi-finger swipe. Swiping downwards would enter a lowercase letter while swiping upwards can lead to depressing of the Shift key.
Other swipes feature a multitouch gesture to enter space and period towards the right. The patent shows the detail of the movements that have been purported.

The patent shows that Apple may finally have called upon to give its keyboard a revamp. The iOS 7 also brought a better auto-corrected feature to the keyboard.

Furthermore, a new job ads from Apple shows that the company is looking to add scripts and more languages to the keyboard. The company did have talks with the company that developed Swype for Android, but there’s no indicated Apple is going to adopt the technology soon.

Let’s see if this development gives us something good, because the iOS keyboard can do with some improvements.

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