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Apple asking developers to submit their iOS 7 apps now!


Apple asking developers to submit their iOS 7 apps now!

The highlight of the day were not only iPhone 5S’s Touch ID or the iPhone 5C’s vibrant new colors. Another major announcement that was made by Apple today was about iOS 7 GM build. Now the company is sending emails to developer to submit apps for iOS 7. 

The public release of the firmware is set for September 18th, and developers can start submitting their apps. Apart from bug fixes and improvements, apps compatible for the new firmware are also going to complement its renovated design.

This was Apple’s email to developers:
iOS 7 will soon be in the hands of hundreds of millions of customers. Reimagine your app’s interface with the clarity, translucency and depth of iOS 7. Integrate APIs for AirDrop, multitasking, games, and camera, as well as new APIs that take advantage of the powerful new capabilities of iPhone 5s. 
To prepare your apps for the App Store, download the GM seed of iOS 7 and Xcode 5, test, and optimize for iOS 7. Submit your apps today.
Developers should start sending their apps right away. New APIs are also being promoted and Apple is expected to promote apps that take advantage of newest features of iOS.

Let’s see what the apps are going to look like for iOS 7.

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