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AOKP ROM crosses 2 million device installations!


AOKP ROM crosses 2 million device installations!


Apart from CyanogenMod and Paranoid Android, AOKP is among the most popular AOSP based custom ROMs available for Android device. What makes AOKP special are its plethora of customization options, which allow you to change nearly every aspect of Android as you wish.

Thanks to the insane number of features that they offer, and their love for unicorn and swag, many people prefer AOKP to CM or any other custom ROM.  Today, thanks to the support of their fans and user base, the AOKP ROM has crossed more than 2 million device installations worldwide. While this number might seem small compared to CyanogenMod’s 6.5 million installation devices and counting, it is still no small feat. AOKP is comparatively a newer custom ROM than CyanogenMod, and only picked up steam only in the second half of 2012.

Currently, the CyanogenMod user base is at 6.6 million with the Paranoid Android user base at around 1.5 million or so. Add in other AOSP based custom ROMs like Xylon, Carbon etc. and we are looking at an overall user base of around 11-14 million just for AOSP based custom ROMs. No wonder the Android modding community is given so much love from OEMs like Sony and HTC nowadays. You can find out more about AOKP over at their official website.

You can also read our feature comparison of AOKP and CyanogenMod here to help you decide which custom ROM is for you.


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