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Another iOS 7 Concept Features Flat UI, Dashboard And MOre


Another iOS 7 Concept Features Flat UI, Dashboard And MOre

So didn't you get bored from iOS 7 concepts ? Well not now because today we've got a new different iOS 7 concept from the designer Mohamed Kerroudj, seems to be getting a little more attention than others. We showed you two videos from the series last month, and this weekend he’s uploaded a third one that involves a new Dashboard feature.

To recap, here is the first video in Kerroudj’s iOS 7 concept series:

And here's the second one: 
And now the third one which is the latest concept made by Mohamed: As you can see, Kerroudj uses an almost Metro-like flat UI across his concept, which is likely one of the reasons it’s been so popular. We’ve seen several reports now claiming that Ive is pushing for a similar look in iOS 7, with new icons and UI elements.

Another likely reason for the concept’s popularity is the way Kerroudj implements innovative features. Take the third video for example. I really like how he moved the multitasking bar to the lefthand side, making it less of a stretch to open and close apps. I also really like the idea behind Dashboard as a separate area for third-party widgets, though, I don’t see why you’d want them full-screen.

So what do you think about it ? Do you love Mohameds' iOS 7 concepts or not ?

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