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Android 4.5 Leak Shows Off Major Redesign


Android 4.5 Leak Shows Off Major Redesign

News James Peckham 17:50, 14 Apr 2014

The next major version of Android may bring about a brand spanking new design

Last year Apple released iOS 7 which brought about the “flat” user interface design. Since then it’s spread like wildfire and even Samsung took the idea for its new TouchWiz interface, which is now available on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and some of its tablets.

Rumour now suggest Android itself will follow suit and iron down those icons to create a flat UI ready for the next major update, which is reportedly going to be Android 4.5 – whether it will remain under the KitKat branding is unclear at present. 

The screenshot is of the next version which is codenamed “Moonshine”. Are you ready to see it? Here it comes.

The screenshot was discovered by Android Police from “a source familiar with the new designs.” Although the site thinks it’s a real screenshot, it does note it may not be the final design.

The first thing you'll notice is the similarity between the app logos and Google’s own desktop symbols. Here's a comparison made by Android Police.

Google has just released Android 4.4.3 for versions of the Nexus 5 and is thought to be rolling out the update as soon as possible. Google I/O 2014 will likely be the place where we hear more about Android 4.5 as well as new Nexus devices –– potentially a tablet and a phone. 

This one's developing and we'll be updating with new stuff as soon as it happens. 


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