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An Overview of Fallout New Vegas’ Four DLC Expansions


An Overview of Fallout New Vegas’ Four DLC Expansions

Fallout New Vegas is, for many, the best game of Bethesda era Fallout. Developed in collaboration with Obsidian, many fans of the original two Fallout games think it maintains the spirit of the first Fallout experiences far better than Fallout 3 and Fallout 4.

Fallout New Vegas has six DLC. However, two of them, Gunrunners’ Arsenal and Courier’s Stash, are merely equipment packs. These are nice to have but not really game changers, as there is plenty of good weaponry and other equipment in the main game.

The other four, however, offer entirely new areas with new quests, new companions, and new gear. These also boost the level cap by five each, taking it from 30 to 50 if you have them all, as well as giving you new perk options.

Here is what you need to know about each of them, or you can check out Game Guide World for detailed walkthroughs.

Dead Money

Dead Money is a survival horror style expansion that puts you inside a casino where the treasure is believed to be kept. The trouble is, you and your team of companions are all wearing bomb collars that will go off if you get too close to certain sensors, you can’t bring any of your gear from the main game, and there is a toxic mist that will cause you to die if you fall asleep.

Dead Money is extremely tense and not suited to low-level characters. It is also best to play it after you have met Veronica at the Brotherhood of Steel bunker, as one of the companions is relevant to her story.

Dead Money is the only DLC area that you can’t return to after the quests are complete. However, the payoff for completing it can mean you’ll be rich for the rest of your campaign, and you can bring back some of the special weapons, too.

Old World Blues

For a more light-hearted experience, Old World Blues is a fun sci-fi adventure and gives you a fantastic new base in the Sink which you can return to after you have finished the game and gone back to New Vegas.

The story makes more sense once you have played a fair bit of the main game, but if you are on your second playthrough and know the story well then you can go in here as low as level 10, provided you have the Animal Friend perk. This perk is invaluable here as it works on nightstalkers, and that makes some of the quests in Old World Blues a lot easier.

Honest Hearts

Honest Hearts is the least dramatic of the DLC, but it does take you to a new area in Utah (following a two-week journey) where there is some beautiful scenery, and for the first time in Fallout New Vegas, weather.

Play this after you have spent some time with Caesar and the Legion. This is so you will understand who the main character rather than because this DLC is especially difficult.

Lonesome Road

The final DLC is Lonesome Road, and it is pretty intense. You can play them in any order. However, story-wise, it is best to do this one last when you are close to the endgame in the main game.

Lonesome Road is unique in that it can actually make changes to areas in the main game, and also creates a new area all of its own called the Courier’s Mile, probably the deadliest place you will ever encounter.

Hopefully, without spoiling too much, this has given you the information you need about the fantastic expansions for New Vegas!



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