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American operator ‘confirms’ the Motorola DVX


American operator ‘confirms’ the Motorola DVX

Despite what Google likes to say about Motorola being kept a distance, let’s face it, the search giant is in the smartphone business. The first “real” smartphone to come out of Google was arguably the Moto X. Lovely as that phone is, it’s limited to just a handful of countries, it’s not exactly cheap, and the spec sheet turns off people who find out that they can get a “better” device for the same amount of money.

Enter the DVX, which is a budget version of the Moto X that’s been rumored for almost as long as the Moto X itself. During the weekend,, who owns Republic Wireless, an American wireless operator, gave a presentation with a slide that clearly states the Motorola DVX is coming out in October.

There are no specs, no pictures, no prices, nothing but those three letters and a timeframe on that slide, but that being said, here’s what little information I know about the DVX: It’s going to be crazy cheap. Nokia sells the Lumia 521 in America for $139. The DVX will fit in this price category. It’ll share a similar shape with the Moto X, but other than that, you’re looking at a totally new phone on the inside. I wouldn’t expect anything sharper than a WVGA (800 x 480) screen and anything faster than a Snapdragon S4 Plus.

Hey, I could be totally wrong. Luckily October is right around the corner.

[Via: Android Police]


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