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All 3 Major Consoles To Get A Price Cut This Year


All 3 Major Consoles To Get A Price Cut This Year

consolecomboi_600big.jpgSurprise surprise, just when you thought both Sony and Microsoft had gone as low as they could possibly go with the pricing of their home consoles, comes some rather unique (and always welcomed) news. According to a senior global publishing source of MCV, both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are in for additional price cuts this year.

The source makes some pretty tough claims, stating that the cuts will undoubtedly happen before the end of the year, but could possibly be seen as early as E3 next month.

The news does coincide with the fact that Sony is believed to introduce a new entry-level system, and while there’s nothing down on paper yet, Microsoft is also believe to soon be making an Xbox 360/Natal bundle available.

Additionally, the source also predicts that Nintendo may very well bring down the price of its Nintendo Wii to hold off possible competition from both, Microsoft’s Project Natal, and Sony’s PlayStation Move. However, Nintendo UK has already dismissed such claims, stating that “This is total rumour and speculation and we currently have no plans to cut the price of Wii in the UK.”


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