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After Being Pulled From the App Store AppGraits Launches Android Version


After Being Pulled From the App Store AppGraits Launches Android Version

From about a month ago as I could remember, Apple pulled the well known app discovery service known as AppGraits, and until now we don't know any reason why did Apple remove AppGraits from its App Store. But it looks like that Android users will enjoy the following news, as AppGraits has just launched for Android versions... Great isn't it ?

In a great move from the developers behind Appgraits, Google’s Play store Android repository, developers claim AppGratis “is designed from the ground up” for the iOS rival. Yet, the service appears much like the AppGratis ejected from the app’s first choice, the App Store…

For those who don't know what is Appgratis. AppGratis, a free app that tells you about other free apps -- but only one per day. Each is hand-picked, tested, and reviewed, so there's a good chance it's something cool and worthwhile, not some crummy waste of space. Plus, most of the apps are those that usually cost money, but happen to be free on that day (and only that day).

While on the Android version, AppGratis will give you a daily free app plus discounts on in-app Android purchases of up to 90 percent. The apps that are recommended claim to be “hand-picked and tested thoroughly (by a real human being),” according to the Google’s Play store app description.
If you’re eager to give AppGratis a try, you can download it to your Android device free right from the Play store

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