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8 Apps You Should Check Out This Weekend


8 Apps You Should Check Out This Weekend

So what are you going to do this weekend ? If you are not going anywhere and thinking to stay at home, we've got for you about 8 apps and games you should check them out this weekend, some of them free and the other must be paid for.. But I am very sure you are going to love the list..

Whether you are in the mood to clean out your address book, create fancy collages, or find something to do this weekend, we’ve got a diverse list of apps to keep you busy…

Contaqs IconContaqs – the Contact Manager

If you are getting bored with Apple’s skeuomorphic address book and are looking for something different, this universal app will change the way you think of your friends and family. It organizes your contacts into groups based on shared attributes, lets you add your favorites to the top of any search list, and tells you which friends are neighbors. You can search for contacts by name, company, phone number, and even face. Using GPS location, you can see which of your contacts live nearby and which ones live near each other. The app includes an integrated birthday calendar with reminder alerts so you will never forget their birthday. This app is available for $1.99.

Songza IconSongza

This is not a new app, but it recently received an update that makes it an even more amazing music listening app. I downloaded this universal app about a year ago. I liked it then, but ended up forgetting about it until this week. The new manual Concierge feature lets you look up playlists for practically every occasion. If you are playing board games, relaxing by the pool, or even babysitting, there is a playlist to compliment the situation. You can find playlists for a certain mood, a specific activity, different genres, or decades dating back to the 1930s. If you don’t know what you feel like listening to, let Sonza find something for you. This app is available for free.

Moldiv IconMoldiv – Collage Photo Editor

If you’ve got a collection of photos that you’d like to make into a fun and fancy collage, this universal app will make your artistic blood start pumping. Choose from 80 collage frames for free, or unlock more through an in-app purchase. Add one of 12 different filter effects to make your images pop. You can also layer your collage with text and add stamps. The app comes with 24 stamps, but you can actually make your own by cutting and pasting an image in the stamp maker. Finally, you can export your collage to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Tumblr. This app is available for free.

Write for Dropbox IconWrite for Dropbox – A Beautiful Note Taking App (iPad Edition)

If you can’t stand the clutter that comes with writing applications like Word and Pages, you may be interested in an app that takes away the bells and whistles. Write for Dropbox is a text editor and note taking app that keeps your page clean so you aren’t distracted by other things. It is heavily geared toward sharing. You can send files to others through email, SMS, and of course, Dropbox. It does have a full Markdown editor that also lets you see when your document was modified last and shows a word count. All files are automatically saved to Dropbox. It also supports Evernote, Google Drive, and Tweetbot. This app is available for $1.99.

Pingstr IconPingstr

This weekend, if you find yourself trying to plan a dinner get together with a group of people, but everyone has a different idea for where to go, download Pingstr to help facilitate a quick decision. This iPhone app lets you poll your friends in groups so that you can base your final choice the democratic way: by vote. You can also poll your friends about which dress you should wear to the party or what color car you should buy. Create Pings with certain criteria and select contacts that you want to add to a particular poll. Then, send it out. If you are trying to decide which movie to go to, send a poll to your friends and let them vote for their favorite.  You won’t have to decide anything for yourself ever again. This app is available for free.

Classic Note IconClassic Note

The complete opposite of Write for Dropbox is this funny retro style note-taking app for the iPhone. Take notes like you were back in 1984 with this entertaining, yet useful, productivity app. The design is reminiscent of mid 1980s Mac (intoch) OS desk accessories. It includes a note creator and a calculator. You won’t be able to do much with it, but it is witty enough to make you look cool at that barbeque you are going to on Sunday. Whip out Classic Note and your trendy friends will “oh” and “ah” at your cleverness.  This app is available for $1.99.

Sid Meier's Ace Patrol IconSid Meier’s Ace Patrol

This universal app breaks the non-game rule for this week, but it fits into the free category, so I’m still on track. The reason this game gets on the list is because it comes from the same game maker that created Civilization and Pirates. This game is a strategy-based flying game that puts you in the seat of a World War I aircraft as you play a turn-based board game against your opponent. You can choose from 30 vintage aircrafts through 120 missions, build a team of “Aces” with different skills, and earn experience points to move up in ranks. This game is available for free.

Smart Merge Icon Smart Merge

If you haven’t noticed yet, your device’s Contacts app is probably brimming with an abundance of duplicates. Maybe you’re best friend got married and changed his name. Maybe you didn’t know your friend’s last name when you first put her number in your iPhone and when you put it in later, you forgot that she was already in your contacts. Whatever the reason for duplicates, they are a pain to go through and remove. This app takes the hard work out of editing and deleting multiple contacts by finding duplicates so that you can merge them. Go from 1,000 contacts to 500 in a matter of minutes. You can edit each person’s information and prioritize his or her data. You can even send yourself an email with your contacts backup in a downloadable file. This app is available for $0.99


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