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8 Android Apps For Your Enjoyment

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8 Android Apps For Your Enjoyment

Here are the top Android apps to enjoy on your smartphone or tablet, whether you are looking for fun or tools that help you simplify your life.

Android never ceases to amaze, neither do the apps for this popular platform. In this article, we’re going to look at some of the best Android apps around, including the growing number of mobile casino apps. The latter have become increasingly popular over recent months, in particularly with Android users!

The best Android apps right now


1Weather is currently the most popular app for Android. It features an easy-to-use interface with instant access to the current weather, forecast for the next 12 hours and other fun stats. In addition, you can choose between customisable widgets, such as radar and severe weather notification for approaching storms. The app can be downloaded for free, while the $1.99 in-app purchase will remove all advertising.

Blue Mail

Blue Mail is a free to download email management app that is compatible will all major email clients. What makes it unique is the unified inbox and customization settings to suit your individual needs. Another is the people-centric feature, which allows you to focus on emails from people (as opposed to businesses) with the flip of a switch.

Google Maps

Google Maps, as far as we’re considered, is the only navigation app you’ll ever need. If you’ve ever used the service on your desktop computer, thenyou’ll definitely want to get it on your Android device (if you haven’t already). Aside from the basics, which include real-time GPS navigation and traffic alerts, you can also access real-time transit updates to help you catch your bus on time. Last but not least, the app is completely free to download.


This one-of-a-kind productivity app helps you get things done the easy way. The task-list management tools in Wunderlist helps you keep track of to-do list and tasks, share grocery lists or vacations notes with loved ones, in real-time. The most exciting feature of all is the ability to synchronise lists on your phone, tablet and computer.

The casino apps for Android

As mentioned above, mobile casino apps are becoming increasingly popular with Android users. If the current trend is anything to go by, there will soon be hundreds of mobile casino apps available. Could their increase be a direct result of the number of Android users looking for casino games to play? Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

Mobile casino apps offer free games

The majority of mobile casino apps for Android all have one thing in common ꟷ free casino games. These can be played 24/7 and although you can’t win real money, the fun is real. We also found a large number of online casino operators with apps, with everything from slots to table games to try for free.

The mobile casino app games are fun

This was no surprise. Casino games such as blackjack and poker have made their way onto Android devices long before the first mobile casino app was launched ꟷ but without this much attention to detail. Besides HD graphics, casino sounds and interactive betting options, the mobile casino apps are 100% compatible with Android devices and will actually work on your phone.

How to find a safe, secure mobile casino app

Most Android users will have reservations about downloading a mobile casino app. We understand, which is why we recommend that you first look at the slots at Grizzly Gambling to find out what to expect. From there, you can download the mobile casino app most attractive to you and register an account in a matter of minutes for uninterrupted access to your favourite casino games. And don’t worry, tips to play and the rules for each game are available for beginners.

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