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6 Things a Child Knows about Samsung phone that you don’t


6 Things a Child Knows about Samsung phone that you don’t

Smart phone is the latest invention of this modern era. Every one prefers to use smart phone rather than simple mobile phone, smart phones are smart enough as name indicates, smart phone alluring GUI which attracts people. Smart phones are not preferable by the elders but also preferable by kids as kids also want to use the phone in the same manner like their elders do. Smart phones are popular because they have lots of features like game apps, social apps, chat apps, camera apps and much more fascinating app. Samsung accessories in Pakistan are popular in elders and kids and its popularity is increasing day by day with the advancement in mobile app development. Children can’t survive without playing games on smart phone. They not only play games but they have such talent that they can explore more in phones and will be able to explore all the features of the smart phone which their elders don’t know.

1.    Maintain privacy with private mode

Parents provide their own to phone to their children so that they can keep an eye on their kids but some sharp kids don’t want to share things with their parents and they want to hide things which they mostly do in Samsung smart phone. For such purpose children use a feature known as ‘Private Mode’ to hide their messages and apps from their parents. By utilizing this feature they can hide anything like text messages, videos, pictures or games. Most of the parents have no idea about this feature as children are smart enough.

2.    Multi-tasking

In this contemporary epoch kids are much more efficient as they can explore more things and their creative minds are capable enough to do multi tasks in a single time. Kids better know then their parents, how to perform multi tasks in smart phone as they don’t want to quit their app in order to pick the call so they use ‘Call notification pop up’ feature in Samsung smart phone so they can perform multi tasks as they can receive call as well as they can use apps.

3.    Quick access to camera

Most naughty children want to take crazy photos at sudden times and they don’t want to miss these crazy moments so Samsung have a feature to direct access the camera from lock screen. Parents mostly unlock their phone to access the camera while children use this shortcut method to use camera.

4.    Toolbox feature

Most of the parents use smart phone only to make calls and texting as they have no as such interest in features of smart phone but their kids have lots of interest in different features of smart phone. They frequently use smart phone and want to access their favorite app at most of the time. Samsung smart phone have feature to bookmark favorite apps with ‘Toolbox’. Toolbox is a feature that opens and closes like application drawer. Children place their most loved applications here and utilize them swiftly at whatever point they want them.

5.    Priority sender feature

Children are more social now-a-days than their parents and they have long list of friends and they want to communicate with them instantly so Samsung have a feature of ‘priority sender’ in messaging app which is trendy in kids but not in their parents. Children can add 25 friends in priority sender feature.

6.    Immediate access to all quick setting buttons

Children are smart enough to use shortcut method to access different features of phone like Sync, sound, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi etc. Children know that they can swipe the notification down utilizing their two fingers and ultimately it demonstrate all quick setting buttons and they have prompt access to all swift setting buttons.


Smart phone utilization is not only trend in this modern society but it is need of every person to accomplish their daily routine tasks. It’s the fact that smart phone is not the need of children but excessive use of smart phone in our society tempts children to use this technology. Children can’t think a second without a smart phone. It’s compulsion of parents to provide smart phone to their kids to stay away them from complex. Children Demand for Xiaomi cases in Pakistan from their parents in order to purchase mobile cases.

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