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6 Internet Security Tips to Avoid Cyber Crimes

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6 Internet Security Tips to Avoid Cyber Crimes

Anyone of us would love to have an amazing PC or computer set up at our homes, the best quality possible. As we set up and purchase items, we usually look into reviews like the one that wrote about the best wireless routers recently. Investing on the hardware and software is one thing, but taking time to make sure that your internet security is strong is another step that you shouldn’t miss. Cyber crimes, in any way, shape, and form, can happen to just about anyone. We owe it to ourselves to take preventive measures against cyber crimes.

  1. Log In Details and Passwords

Regularly changing your password alongside other log in details can drastically lower the chances of getting hacked. We highly recommend changing your password at least once a month, you can choose a longer period as long as the password does get regularly changed. As your changing your password, think of a strong one; a password that contains uppercase and lowercase letters as well as numbers are considered as strong passwords. Don’t go for the obvious ones like your whole name, exact date of birth and such.

  1. Install Firewall and Anti-Virus Apps

Make sure that your firewall settings are always activated for much needed protection. Don’t forget to add anti-spyware and anti-virus applications in the mix. By doing these necessary steps, you’re protecting your computer from various kinds of viruses, malware and Trojan horses. Majority of these malicious software are just out to do damage to your computer and file. But a handful are intent in obtaining all your sensitive and personal information, the most common of which are bank accounts, tax details and sensitive media files. You wouldn’t want a random stranger taking advantage of those information, so protect yourself.

  1. Be Aware of Social Media

Always be mindful of your social networking accounts, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and MSN, and what you post there. We highly recommend that you set your accounts to private, that way random people won’t have full access to your profile. Aside from the privacy setting, never post crucial information on the internet because once it’s up there, then there’s no turning back. A common example would be when posers stumble upon an unfortunate account where the owner displayed personal information. The poser will then save their picture and personal information, create a dummy account containing all the details they grabbed from the earlier account and fool others. This is a serious case because posers actually scam people by hiding behind someone else’s face; this can create complications for the original owner of the information.

  1. Watch What You Do Under Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are one of the farthest things from safe and secure. Everyone within the area literally has access to it. A professional hacker only needs an unsuspecting victim, someone who made crucial transactions using the public Wi-Fi. There’s nothing wrong with using public Wi-Fi, but never conduct any kind of financial or corporate transactions when you’re under public networks.

  1. Avoid Getting Scammed

Never click on questionable links, files and emails especially when they just popped out of nowhere. Of course, you’ll get some sort of notification, but you’re not at all required or forced to click and open the link. Double check the origin of the message, and if it seems incredibly doubtful then verify the source. Also, you should never reply to any emails that ask you to send sensitive information like bank details, your date of birth and permanent address; remember, even official websites of huge companies don’t ask their clients for these types of information through email.

  1. Protect Your Identity

Beware of who you give out personal information on the internet, especially those related to your address, financial details and phone number. There will be times when you’re required to provide the said details, like when you purchase items online. Ofcourse, you won’t be able to complete your purchase if you won’t offer financial details, the only way to be sure that it’s safe is to verify if you’re purchasing from the official website. Also, it won’t hurt to read the terms and conditions once in a while.


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