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5 Exciting Smartphone Developments to Look Forward to This Year


5 Exciting Smartphone Developments to Look Forward to This Year

In the world of commerce, the competition for smart phone sales is huge, and with Ofcom’s latest figures showing us that over 66% of adults in the UK now own a smart phone, it is no wonder why manufacturers are constantly trying to improve your experience. So, here are a few things that you can look forward to this year in your mobile experience.

Faster Wireless

The latest phones this year will come with increased wireless capabilities, and if you buy a phone with the WiGig technology you will have wireless that could be 3 times faster than 802.11ac wireless. Even if you only have the latest LTE modem available with the Snapdragon 820 chip, you are going to see huge increases in download speeds. If you are downloading at 600Mbps you are definitely not going to be waiting too long for your games and videos.



You may be able to improve your battery life yourself through careful use, but this year you can also expect help from manufacturers. Huawei’s quick charging battery will charge to 48% in 5 minutes, giving amazing charging rates and meaning less time that you cannot use your phone. If that can be combined with wireless charging, you may never have to run out of battery ever again.

More Memory

As the ability to take higher definition pictures and videos increases, and we want to store more video files and have access to the best games, we are going to need more and more space to keep our files. Phones are being developed with more storage space both internal and external, and Apple have already decided on a 128Gb option for their range, while other manufacturers are combining internal memory and SD card memory to give a total of 320GB. Add to this the availability of cloud storage and your memory problem can be, well… forgotten

Cheaper Roaming

This development has come through the European Union, and is a great one for people who regularly travel to Europe. With the virtual scrapping of roaming charges, people’s bills will greatly reduce. This is not a technological advance, simply a better use of common sense. Obviously, if you are going to travel outside of Europe you will still need your phone unlocked by a specialist like or you are still going to be paying a fortune.

Better Screens

If you have a good smart phone, your pixel resolution will be around the 1440×2560 pixel mark, and you should be very happy with that. However, if you are looking for better, then this could be your year. Manufacturers like Apple and Nokia are hoping to bring out sets with even higher resolution to keep you happy; and if you want some novelty, that will be available too. OLED screens have enabled Samsung and LG to make their curved phones, but truly flexible phones don’t seem that far away either. The ReFlex has been developed by Queens University, and it functions as a smart phone that will allow users to play games and turn pages of a book by flexing the phone itself. This is true flexibility in a phone.

I have no idea what smart phones will look like or how they will perform in 10 years’ time; but as these examples show, developments continue to be implemented, and can only be good for us.


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