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4 Senior-Friendly Tech Gadgets to Gift Your Loved Ones


4 Senior-Friendly Tech Gadgets to Gift Your Loved Ones

You’re an early adopter who knows the ins and outs of all of the latest tech gadgets. But your elderly loved ones are another story. Averse to change, you are constantly explaining that the entire point of a cell phone is to keep it turned on at all times, and not powered off after each call. 

Before you give up altogether on getting them to try some new technology, give these senior-friendly tech gadgets a try. Simple, user-friendly and useful, even the most resistant seniors can appreciate these devices. Here are four gadgets worth trying:

Digital Photo Frame

Your family loves to see photos of you and the kids but it’s all too easy to forget to share photos with loved ones when they aren’t tech savvy. You have to print them out and deliver them rather than simply email them or post them on social media, and this hurdle often means that you share less. Instead, gift your elderly loved one with a digital photo frame. Set it up so that you can email photos to the device and they will appear within the digital queue right away so that you can share all of the latest happenings in your life quickly and easily.

Smart Speaker

Whether you pledge allegiance to Google Home or Amazon Echo, invite your elderly loved one to the world of voice-activated digital assistance by gifting them one of these gadgets. Voice commands make them easy for anyone to use, and once they get the hang of it, your loved ones will be converts, singing the praises of the convenience this genius little device.

Wearable Medical Alert Device

You trust that your loved one’s health is good enough for them to remain living independently, however, you can’t help but shake the worry of what would happen in the event of a major accident, like a hip-breaking fall. Would your mom or dad be able to get to the phone to call for help? 

Take the worries and what-ifs out of the equation with a Lively Mobile Medical Alert System. While your loved one might protest at first, you’ll both rest easier knowing that there’s a solution in place in the event of a terrible accident. Lively Mobile’s device is compact and can be easily worn around the neck or clipped to a waistband, making it comfortable and inconspicuous.

Voice-Activated Smart Clock

As a well-meaning adult child, you check in on mom or dad regularly to make sure they remembered to take their pills or have a meal. But to your parent, these reminders can become a bit much and even feel like nagging. Instead, help your elderly family member maintain their independence longer with a smart clock like Reminder Rosie. This digital clock features a smart recording option that allows you to record voice reminders for anything you need. You can record up to 25 reminders and can customize them to play daily, weekly or on a specific date and time. Reminder Rosie is voice-activated, which makes it really easy to use and doesn’t require any tech savvy to get it up and running.

Don’t let your parents or grandparents throw in the towel on technology just yet. Try these devices for an easy intro into the newest tech.



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