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4 Amazing Smartphones to Consider for your Christmas Shopping List

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4 Amazing Smartphones to Consider for your Christmas Shopping List

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us. Some shops are already dressing up their windows with Christmas decorations (even though Halloween is still weeks away), and kids have already started composing their letters to Santa. In a few weeks, Black Friday will officially give the start to the holiday shopping season with massive discounts on an incredible variety of products that will no doubt show up under someone’s Christmas tree this year. And many of these will be smartphones, more than capable of playing high-resolution videos, running amazing shooters and racing titles, and run all iPhone, Android and Blackberry mobile slot games to perfection. Below, you’ll find a list of smartphones that you might consider for your Christmas shopping list this year.

Google Pixel 2

By the time you read this, Google will have revealed the second smartphone it has designed, the Pixel 2. At the time this article is penned, there are no details available about the phone’s hardware (its software, in turn, will surely be Android 8) but there are a few rumors circulating online. We can expect the new Pixel phones (at least two of them are expected to be presented on October 4) to have state-of-the-art hardware. And Google promises them to solve issues like bad photos, software updates, battery life, and many other everyday issues.

Pixel 2 handsets are rumored to cost between $649 and $949.

Huawei P10

One of the strongest selling points of Huawei’s laters flagship device is its camera. The Huawei P10 has two cameras on its back – one with a 20 megapixel sensor, and another one with 12 megapixels – and optics delivered by German high-end camera maker Leica. While its user interface still has a lot to improve, and it has some issues with its battery life, those in love with smartphone photography will surely appreciate the quality of the pictures it takes.

Huawei P10 costs between $680 and $790 on Amazon ($490 with Prime).

OnePlus 5

The dual camera seems to be the leitmotif of this year’s smartphone releases – the OnePlus 5 will have one, crafted to snap the best possible pictures, and faster than ever before. The hardware of the handset is on par with most of today’s higher-end smartphones: it has a Snapdragon 835 SoC, up to 8GB of RAM, up to 128 GB of fast storage, and an amazing screen. Plus, it comes with Oxygen OS, OnePlus’ own take on Android.

The OnePlus 5 costs $589 (the 6GB/64GB version) and $659 (the 8GB/128GB version).

Android One

A no-nonsense phone built by Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi with the purest version of Android on it. The phone has a pretty decent hardware – a Snapdragon 625 SoC, 4GB of RAM, 64 GB storage, a dual camera, and a 5.5″ screen encased in a full metal unibody. And it also has a very friendly price at around $250, depending on the vendor.


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