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3 Ways Local Car Dealerships Can Use the Web to Increase Sales


3 Ways Local Car Dealerships Can Use the Web to Increase Sales

Most local car dealerships already have at least a minor web presence in the form of an official website and maybe even a blog or Facebook page. But in most cases, these basic efforts are never optimized or worked on enough to provide any tangible benefit to the business. Instead, the majority of local dealerships focus their attention and funds towards local advertising methods like TV, radio, classified ads, and roadside signage. Although these methods are certainly time-tested ways to attract attention locally, they won’t do much to generate extra global sales, which are always a good thing. With that said, here are three ways local dealerships can use the internet to increase their bottom line:

1. Sharing Videos of Vehicles in Action

If you take pride in the performance and appearance of your vehicles, it may be time to let the world witness the niceness of your collection. If you have no experience producing and distributing high-quality online media, you might want to work with a professional media agency that specializes in your particular niche of the auto industry. For example, Black Smoke Media is a site that focuses primarily on powerful trucks, so if you were trying to film your biggest and baddest coal-rolling trucks in action, they might be an ideal choice.

2. Selling Parts and Cars on eBay Motors and Similar Platforms

As a dealer, you’re inevitably encountering vehicles that need to be repaired or replaced, and when you’re stuck with these lemons on your lot, many times the only feasible option seems to be selling them to a junkyard. However, if you have access to in-house mechanical labor, you could make more money by disassembling and selling the parts on eBay instead. This is a great option to consider if you have the storage space to accommodate it. Likewise, selling more expensive or rare automobiles via online auctions is another way you can tap into a market that doesn’t exist locally.

3. Staying Easily Discoverable in Business and Map Directories

Aside from making your vehicles more visible online, it’s also important to make your address and contact information easily findable whenever someone searches for auto dealerships in your area. Luckily, getting your name to pop up at the top of Google is as easy as listing your business in the Google Maps directory and having it verified. This is an essential step that every place of business should take to reach out to potential customers. It’s also a good idea to encourage your existing customers to leave positive reviews, as this could affect how many leads you wind up generating via this method.

Failing to Expand Online Could Be a Huge Mistake

As a business that’s based on selling, every car dealership should place an ongoing emphasis on marketing and advertising. With that said, the internet is by far the best tool for exposing your brand to a massive audience and maximizing outreach potential, so failing to utilize it is only going to hurt your annual sales and revenue.


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