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1/3 of iOS users upgraded to iOS 7 in the first 16 hours


1/3 of iOS users upgraded to iOS 7 in the first 16 hours

Apple’s iOS 7 adoption is off to a blistering start. 1/3 iOS device owners have upgraded to the new firmware, only 16 hours after it was rolled over. Around 31.8 percent of iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch devices have updated to the new firmware at 10:28 AM ET Thursday according to a report from Mixpanel. The software was initially seeded to the public at 1 PM ET on Wednesday.

You can also check out iOS 7 adoption rate in the form of a chart.

If comparison is to be made, when iOS 6 was released, only 15% iDevice owners updated to it after 24 hours of initial roll out. And Android on the other hand has pretty slow adoption rate. Here is a pie chart showing the adoption rate of Android.

As evident, even less than 50% Android devices owners (45.1% to be exact) are running Android 4.1 or 4.2 Jelly Bean. The figures are updated till September 4th, 2013.

However, you should note that the devices Google count is the ones that have access to Google Play Store. They don’t consider Chinese Android versions or consumers that use Kindle fire tablets.

Bloomberg covered a story that TIM Cook talked about a survey by NetApplications that iDevices had a 55% share of the mobile web activity and a research note from IBM shows that 88% tablet shopping in last Black Friday was done from iPad. He also said that it matters that people use their products.

Cook also commented on Google fragmentation:
It will show up in developers. It will show up for people that no longer have access to certain apps. It will show up in security issues because if you’re not moving your customer base to the latest version, then you have to go back and plug holes in all of this old stuff, and people don’t really do that to a great degree.
As for iOS developers, they can be sure that apps for the latest version will be installed by a large number of users. However, some people still prefer to remain on old iOS version. Apple has therefore issued a new note saying that developers can use iTunes Connect web portal to manage apps for previous iOS versions.

Have you upgraded to iOS 7?

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