Foxconn Begins Selling Its Own TVs In Taiwan Under 7-Eleven Branding

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Taiwanese manufacturer Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., known to most as Foxconn, has been reported to be looking into other ways to diversify its revenue stream so it isn’t relying on Apple to the extent it is now.

The manufacturing company has been said to be looking into releasing its own smartwatch and now according to a report from The Wall Street Journal its own television.

Foxconn TV

Foxconn has apparently partnered with 7-Eleven, which currently has around 5,000 stores scattered across the island, to sell a television under 7-Eleven branding priced at around $430 for the 40-inch model, $1,333 for the 60-inch model and $2,336 for the 70-inch model.

It has been said that the company has sold over 10,000 7-Eleven branded television sets in the past 6 weeks. As MacRumors stated “The move marks a shift in Foxconn’s sales strategy towards OEM, or original equipment manufacturing, whereby the goods are purchased by another company and sold under their own brand name.”

Televisions actually aren’t new to Foxconn though and they have been manufacturing them since 2008, but the company has since acquired more manufacturing facilities previously owned by the Sony Corporation.

Apple is also rumored to release a television, but we have yet to see any conclusive evidence of its existence yet.

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