The Motorola DVX Could Be A Super Affordable Variant Of The Moto X

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Motorola DVX


When the Moto X was announced one of the biggest disappointments about the phone was the price.  Many were hoping for Nexus like pricing for the phone but as we all know, the real price is close to double what the rumours were saying.  While it was definitely disappointing news, there was some hope still as Motorola stated that they would be bringing a low cost Moto X like phone to market later on in the year.

Well just this past week, a handful of devices passed through the FCC and many are speculating that these mystery phones could possibly be those low cost Moto X like devices.  The device is currently being referred to as the Motorola DVX but not much is known right now about the device.  However, PhoneArena had tipped off the device all the way back in June.  Back in June when rumours of the device were just beginning, the device was said to be a high-quality low cost device and based on the latest news, that description still stands.  According to the latest rumours and rumblings, the phone will be similar to the Moto X, although similar is rather ambiguous.  The cost, however, will be very unlike the Moto X as some UK retailers apparently have the device listed on their site between $200-$250 (that’s after the conversion).  So potentially, we could have a $200 Moto X on our hands in the comings weeks or months.

This is all just rumour and speculation right now so I wouldn’t hold your breath for some kind of knock your socks off low cost super phone.  I personally can’t see Motorola offering a comparable phone to the Moto X at half the price.  It just wouldn’t make much sense to me in a business sense but hey, you never know and I don’t claim to be any sort of business person.

We’ll keep an eye on these developments and will be sure to pass the news on to you.


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