Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Is Already Rooted

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While it’s not for everyone there is a great crowd of Android users out there that feel the need to tinker with their devices, brand new or not. If we’re talking about you, then surely you know one of the first and more important steps to start tinkering with your device is to get root access.

Most Android flagships get rooted and some are even rooted before they’re released to the public, but for owners of some less popular phones can sometimes despair before they get the chance to root their devices. Well today owners of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active can now sleep better as their device has already been rooted.

SGS4 active users on XDA developers pledged money for a joint prize for the first developer to come with a quick root solution for their device. Well the “incentive” paid-off and notorious developer Geohot accepted the challenge and delivered.

However, Geohot is not new in the park, is responsible for cracking the PS3 (which earned him a sue from Sony) and was also part of the team that made jailbreaking on the iPhone possible. Track record aside it’s happy day for SGS4 active users out there, so for the ones reading you can catch the app on the source link below.

[Via Geohot]

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