LG G2 Camera Samples For Your Viewing Pleasure [PICS]

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The smartphone industry was stuck for a long time on the 8MP standard for top-tier phones, but now it seems the 13MP train is catching speed, with the help of the well-known Galaxy S4 and the newest arrival, the LG G2. For a while the Galaxy S4 was king with the 13MP shooter, but LG looks to change that with the 13MP OIS camera they’ve put on the G2. However, how does the G2 camera fare against its main competitors?

Below you’ll see a gallery with two sets of three pictures. Each set shows a photo taken with the G2, one taken with the Galaxy S4 and one from the iPhone’s camera. Between LG’s and Samsung’s photos it is hard to notice any difference in crispness, but I find the colors on the G2′s photos better and focus wise the G2 also seems to do a better job. Comparing both with the iPhone, you can obviously see the difference in detail since the iPhone takes much smaller photographs.

However, all of this is just an opiniona and one of someone that has no experience in photography. For that reason I’ll leave the conclusions to you and to the random photography expert that decides to come around these parts. Check out the gallery below and let us know what you think.

LG G2 Galaxy S4 iPhone 5 LG G2 Galaxy S4 iPhone 5

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