Huawei Considering a “Google Edition” Ascend P6

Posted on Jun 28 2013 - 8:44pm by Gurpreen


Answering consumer cravings for stock Android on their smartphones, more and more companies are launching, announcing or working on “Google Edition” versions of their current or upcoming flagships. Sony is said to be working on one, Samsung has one and so does HTC, so it would be a matter of time until another company would want in on the party.

According to Kevin Ho, president of the handset product divison at Huawei, the company is working closely with Google to create a Google Edition of the latest slimness champion, the Ascend P6, running that lovely stock Android.

Nonetheless, it is too soon to say for sure what’s to come from Huawei as in-house commentaries seem to be antagonist. The company’s chairman Richard Yu said at the P6 launch event that Huawei’s Emotion UI brought hundreds of improvements over the stock Android experience, contradicting a supposed launch of a Google Edition version of its handset.

With opposite comments on the Ascend P6′s future it’s hard to know what will be Huawei’s decision in the end. Given the recent trend for “Google Edition” versions of popular smartphones and Huawei objective of being in the world top three, it would be a smart move to follow HTC and Samsung’s example. Only time will say, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted. Don’t forget to scroll down and leave your opinion on the recent stock Android trend.

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