HTC May Be Teaming Up With Mr. Iron-Man

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HTC One Iron Man CAse


It seems that celebrity endorsements are all the rage these days.  When Blackberry announced their new BB10 software they brought Alicia Keys on board to help push their product and just recently, Samsung struck a deal with Jay-Z to get the infamous artist/entrepreneur onto their team.  Now HTC may have just topped them all by bringing Iron Man…, I mean, Tony Stark…, I mean Robert Downey Jr to the HTC camp.

The report comes courtesy Bloomberg who says that HTC will be hiring Downey Jr for their next ad campaign.  Downey Jr will be handsomely paid to the tune of 12 million dollars (not that he doesn’t have enough money already).  As awesome as it would be to see an Iron-Man/HTC ad campaign, according to the source, Downey Jr will be appearing as himself rather than his super hero alter ego.

It’s a good move by HTC to bring Downy Jr on board as they need as much help as possible to rebuild their image in the market.  However, I can’t help but wish they would play the Iron Man card a bit more.  I know it would be pricey to get the licenses and all that, but imagine an HTC One decked out in the hot rod red and gold.  That would one amazing looking piece of phone!  I guess a case will have to suffice for now…


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