Google Wants To Take You Caroling!

Posted on Dec 18 2013 - 11:10am by Tim Gee


Google often likes to throw little easter eggs into their services and a fun and festive one has made its way to Android devices recently!  If you jump into Google Search/Google Now and say the command, “let’s go caroling,” you will be prompted with a list of songs to sing along to.

By clicking on the song you will activate the music and will be shown the lyrics to the carol.  Not only that, but a little karaoke style bubble will guide you along the words just in case you need a little assistance!

I gave the command a try in the Chrome Browser on my laptop and it bring up the songs at all so my guess is that it’s just for Android devices.  So if you’ve got an Android device on hand, go show off the awesomeness of Google and bring some Christmas cheer along the way!

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