Google Drive Gets New Update With Some Important Improvements

Posted on Sep 15 2013 - 9:22am by Gurpreen


Google released a new staged update to its Google Drive app, complete with a useless changelog that said ”Bug fixes and other improvements”. However, it seems the update contains some important additions that shouldn’t pass by as just “other improvements”.

The first thing that you’ll notice when you get the update on your device is that the overall theme changed from Holo Dark to Holo Light, making the UI less gloomy and more pleasing to the eye. Google has added a Create Bar with the most common actions to the bottom of the app, similar to what’s found in Google+. When you scroll down the bar disappears and reappears when you nudge up. Plus the Drive app now features swipe-down-to-refresh, similar to what you can find in Gmail and Google+.

Google Drive’s Spreadsheets also have some noteworthy additions. Now, when you select a cell there’s a new cell button, which gives you border, number and date format and much more. Splitting and merging multiple cells is now possible through a Split/Join Cells button. Merging/splitting and freezing/unfreezing entire columns or rows is also possible.

Also when you scan a document using your camera there’s a new option in Image Enhancement dubbed Color Drawing. We don’t really know what it does, so just leave Image Enhancements in Auto mode and let Drive figure it out for you. Finally, the pause button in the download list is actually a pause instead of a stop.

It’s always nice to see that even the small updates can bring some big improvements to the table, so overall, nice work Google! You can catch the download through the link below or by scanning the QR code. Leave your feedback on the comment section.



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