Boomerand For Gmail Now Available On Android

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If you’re not acquainted with Boomerang your life is on the verge of getting a productivity boost. Boomerang is a very popular Google Chrome extension that allows users to schedule emails to be sent from Gmail at a given time after scheduling even if you’re not online.

Similar solutions on a mobile app have been available for iOS devices for a while now, but the Boomerang app is now ready for download on Android devices allowing you to schedule and snooze emails easily. The service works with both Gmail and Google apps to offer contact integration, email view, attachment management and much more.

As with Gmail, the Boomerang app works with gestures, swiping from left to right will archive a message while swiping to the opposite side will reveal other options following Google’s design guidelines, allowing to access starred emails, boomerang emails, etc.

The app doesn’t have a tablet optimized layout and since most tablet users do a lot of email management this is a big drawback. Other features such as push notifications or batch actions are absent, but confirmed to arrive with future updates.

While it may have its faults, with future updates the Boomerang has the potential to be a top contender on the email client category. If you are already a Boomerang user on Chrome be sure to take a look at the app through the link or QR code below and don’t forget to leave your feedback on the comment section below.

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