BlueStacks Announces New Gamepop Mini “Forever Free”

Posted on Jun 28 2013 - 8:34pm by Gurpreen

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BlueStacks announced today a smaller version of its upcoming GamePop gaming console and subscription service named the GamePop Mini “forever free”, in a move to get more consumers in on the GamePop service deal.

The GamePop Mini will offer the same experience as the original version connecting to your TV via HDMI and using your paired smartphone as a controller. However, the GamePop Mini will be free with a subscription to BlueStacks gaming service, while the larger GamePop will set you back $129 up-front once the pre-order waiting period comes to an end.

With the GamePop Mini for free up-front you get a subscription of just $6.99 per month. For this amount you get access to games from over 500 partners, including top names in the gaming industry such as HalfBrick or Glu. According to BlueStacks that amounts to about $200 in paid apps.

The original GamePop, along with its promotional price of $129, will remain open for pre-orders until June 30th. As pre-order period for the original GamePop ends, it opens for the GamePop Mini on July 1st for a “Free Forever” subscription. The GamePop Mini is expected to ship to consumers these holidays.

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