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YouTuber who bent the Nexus 6P is back with an uncompromised, freshly unboxed unit [VIDEO]

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YouTuber who bent the Nexus 6P is back with an uncompromised, freshly unboxed unit [VIDEO]

Last week we confirmed you men a video from JerryRigEverything, a YouTuber who now not handiest makes a speciality of phone restore, however it seems that loves to check the structural integrity of a smartphones like the Nexus 6P by bending them in half. Fair sufficient. As skinny as smartphones are being constructed this present day, it is sensible that this wouldn’t be too tricky. The drawback is a few Android enthusiasts didn’t like what they noticed, now not as a result of the telephone bent so simply, however as a result of they felt the check itself used to be disingenuous. The usual idea used to be that the telephone — which had a lighter take to it and deep scratches on the show — used to be “compromised” previous to the bending motion.

A’d argue that an open flame put on a unmarried spot on the telephone wouldn’t be sufficient to warmth up the glue throughout, however even then long causes on Reddit approximately how telephones are constructed like cars and as soon as the glass is compromised (scratched, cracked), so is going the pressure of the whole tool, inflicting it to fall aside like in stated video. Still feels like bad layout to me, however whatevs.

Here to finish the argument and shield his popularity is JerryRigEverything with, you guessed it, another bend test video proving as soon as and for all that a brand spanking new Nexus 6P may also be bent in the event you practice sufficient drive. This time there’s no takes. No cutaways. Just Jerry’s palms as gets rid of a brand spanking new, authentic Nexus 6P from its field and proceeds to bend it like Beckham. If seeing a brand spanking new Android flagship tool being destroyed is for no matter what explanation why offensive to you, A’d suggest skipping this one.

Nexus 6P bend test round 2

No topic what your emotions are on the Nexus 6P, it’s onerous to argue foul play this time round. Having noticed all that’s inside of the Nexus 6P and plenty of different units, Jerry even provides us his skilled opinion on why the telephone seems to bend so simply the place it does. According to him, it has one thing to do with the loose floating aluminum back now not being secured to the remainder of the telephone and Huawei the use of plastic dovetail joints to carry the majority of the telephone in combination being the largest culprits. Needless to mention, the ones plastic items snap off somewhat simply while sufficient drive is implemented to the telephone and whilst a few will argue movies like those are a waste of time, Jerry says that they may be able to be a studying procedure for OEMs while construction new smartphones in the long run.

He is going onto to mention that this doesn’t make the Nexus 6P a negative telephone (significantly, it’s flipping superior), it simply signifies that it’s one you’ll need to be slightly extra cautious with prior to sticking it into your back pocket. Would love to listen to your feelings approximately Jerry’s up to date video down beneath.


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