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YES, The iPhone SE WILL Fit Inside iPhone 5S Cases


YES, The iPhone SE WILL Fit Inside iPhone 5S Cases


You can re-use your antique iPhone 5S case for the iPhone SE, saving you cash and bother

Paul Briden

Just somewhat notice, pricey readers, that if you are taking into account choosing up a brand spanking new iPhone SE, the 4in phone will have compatibility inside of present iPhone 5S instances. Handy to understand, proper? This snippet of information way if you are an extended-time period Apple fan who already has antique iPhone 5S instances knocking approximately you'll be able to fortunately pop your new software into no matter what is already handy!

PhoneArena took the time to inspect the iPhone SE's proportions and port places, and noticed that despite the fact that the brand new type has a few iPhone 6 collection layout cues, it's in a different way just about just like the iPhone 5S and shut sufficient to suit the exact same instances.

"The iPhone SE is simply as extensive, tall, and skinny because the iPhone 5s. It additionally has the similar curved corners. And all buttons, ports, cameras, and sensors appear to be are positioned in the similar spot. Therefore, it kind of feels logical to think that iPhone 5s instances and equipment will have to paintings at the new iPhone SE as smartly."

The website then unearthed that Apple has up to date its reputable accent product information for iPhone 5S cases and refers to them as being suitable with the iPhone SE:

"Sure sufficient, Apple's personal web site confirms our assumption. The iPhone SE leather-based case is indexed as suitable with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s."

The extra you recognize.

16:56, 22 Mar 2016

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