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Why The Samsung Galaxy S4 is STILL A Viable Option In 2016


Why The Samsung Galaxy S4 is STILL A Viable Option In 2016

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Unboxing

You'll be able to pick out up the Samsung Galaxy S4 for not up to £200 on Amazon and, with a ROM put in, it is nonetheless a VERY succesful handset

18:02, 29 Sep 2016

For those who’re brief on money and love to tinker round with Android, or simply need to take your self out of the arbitrary hardware cycle favoured by way of tech firms, then it is smartly value investigating the advantages of purchasing older hardware and putting in customized ROMs.

Generation tendencies transfer rapid. Actually rapid. However many of the inventions provide inside of new, leading edge telephones, whilst spectacular and for sure fascinating, don't seem to be very important — particularly in case you’re on the cheap.

You can pick up a Samsung Galaxy S4 for A LOT less than their more expensive and current flagship siblings. And those telephones, with the best device, aren't any slouches both. Each the Galaxy S4 and Notice 2 are nonetheless heavy hitters within the specifications and function departments, however as a result of Samsung’s consideration is somewhere else you'll be able to now pick out them up for lots much less.

Take a look at how reasonable THESE Galaxy Note 2 models are!

If you’ve obtained any such previous flagships, the next step is rooting it -- eliminating that pesky Samsung bloatware -- and putting in a customized ROM, one thing like CyanogenMod. This is a quite easy procedure and it's going to train you numerous about how Android works. You are going to additionally get way more regulate over your phone’s energy control, programs, bloatware and general efficiency and longevity.

They are going to serve as and appear to be new telephones. A part of the rationale telephones like those turn out to be unusable after a few years is as a result of device updates retard efficiency and compromise battery efficiencies; it’s now not that they’re simply no just right anymore, a long way from it, if truth be told — OEMs simply regularly kill off older handsets in order that you purchase new, extra pricey ones.

As an example:

According to Admiral Cole, writing on Reddit, his Samsung Galaxy S5 used to be acting OK for an oldish handset. On the other hand, after putting in the most recent Samsung device update he spotted a major dip within the phone's battery efficiency, which led him to take a position that Samsung is actively looking to kill his handset with nefarious updates full of unnecessary bloatware.

“My drawback used to be this,” wrote Admiral Cole,” I've a Galaxy S5. I lately simply up to date to the most recent model of android Samsung presented. With it got here a myriad of alternative device in the past now not on my phone. Such because the abomination that is Samsung Plus. This silly factor is like a hydra with one million different items of tool that bogged my phone right down to a tiny move slowly. Samsung Plus said it used to be "solving" my phone and operating ‘diagnostics’, bullshit. It informed me amongst different issues my battery used to be ‘death’. Good enough, I assumed to myself I imply the phone is aging and I exploit it so much, however what I realized is the lifetime of my battery used to be reduce in part after Samsung Plus used to be put in, and it stored throwing up warnings at terrible occasions about battery utilization, operating out of area, operating out of ram, and so forth.”

In keeping with his submit, the impact of the update used to be lovely drastic — his phone went from 100% to requiring a rate at noon. All through this era, with the brand new update put in, Admiral Cole, most probably now not a member of the military, witnessed his battery drop through 85%, which is a vital trade. Much more so while you think tool updates will optimise your handset, now not obstruct it additional.

So what did the nice admiral do subsequent?

Easy: he rooted the Galaxy S5, got rid of all of the bloatware, and bet what…

“Magically my battery purposes once more, the random lag spikes opening texts went away and my 2 one thing yr previous phone runs just like the day I purchased it. (Been on all of it morning at this level and I am nonetheless at 85% battery... wow).”

With this in thoughts, Admiral Cole requested the following logical query:

“So why would Samsung deliberately put gadget device on a tool that absolutely destroys the revel in for the top consumer I assumed? The best conclusion I have come to is to pressure you to need to purchase a brand new phone. I have been getting letter after letter within the mail and emails about my improve time being in a position to resume.”

This submit is now killing it inside of Reddit’s r/generation subreddit and a large number of individuals are experiencing the similar factor after putting in the updates. This is a horny fascinating thread and is no doubt value taking a look at in complete.

This is a subject matter that has been on my thoughts for moderately a while now. I've used handsets prior to now — Apple ones incorporated — which were successfully knee-capped after putting in an update. I am getting that hardware manufacturers are companies they usually want to promote hardware to prosper, however this type of follow is now not cool — now not cool in any respect.

Android and iOS merchandise, this present day, and, let’s face it, for the previous couple of years, were specced-out to hell, making them EASILY able to acting fundamental phone duties for a just right few years. A lot of those phone have 2GB of RAM and quad-core processors; principally, greater than sufficient grunt to take care of some internet surfing, apps and emails, texts and calls.

Ethical of the tale? Easy: should you’re the use of older hardware just like the Galaxy S4 — which is nonetheless a succesful handset — you NEED to root the handset and set up a customized ROM. This is the one positive fireplace means of averting obligatory updates from Samsung that would negatively have an effect on your handset’s efficiency.


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