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Why I Bought A 4K TV… And (Maybe) You Should Too


Why I Bought A 4K TV… And (Maybe) You Should Too


4K TVs are less expensive than ever and Sky and Netflix at the moment are ALL over 4K content material… so is now the time to tug the cause and get a 4K TV?

Richard Goodwin 11:56, 25 Oct 2016

Now not see you later in the past, say, 12-18 months, 4K TVs nonetheless felt a bit of like overkill. Most of the people – together with this author – have been completely proud of their just right ol’ 1080p HDTVs. They’re large enough, transparent sufficient and, in some instances, or thru Chromecast, sensible sufficient to final for some other couple of years – on the very least.

Then again, all through this era all of the giant gamers started gearing up for the transfer to 4K. Netflix were given on board. Ditto Sky and different giant media gamers from all over the world. The rationale? Umm… that’s the place it will get just a little murky, as tech tendencies, whilst creative and nice, are regularly executed with a view to simply push issues ahead.

Tech firms like Samsung and Sony want to generate income from new TVs and Sky and Netflix want new subscribers or USPs to split them from their competition. Content material is all the time King. However after that such things as image high quality come into play and when you’ve noticed one thing in 4K, a soccer fit, the F1 or a film, as an example, going again to 1080p is noticeable.

Simply as we’ve adjusted to bigger telephones, so too do we modify to 4K. After a few years, it is going to substitute 1080p and, prior to you understand, the entirety you watch and all of the video games you play shall be in 4K solution. That is how generation tendencies occur. It’s now not completed over night time… issues occur slowly after which ahead of you are aware of it you’re probably the most adopters and your previous 1080p TV has been relegated for your child’s room or a spare bed room in your home.

I used to be more or less the fence about 4K TVs, however I pulled the cause on one a month or so again. I didn’t lay our a fortune and were given a tight 4K TV on the measurement I sought after and to this point I don't have any regrets concerning the acquire. Figuring I wouldn’t need to update it for no less than 5 years, I didn’t thoughts spending £700 on mine. In contrast to many of us, I’m now not afraid to confess that I use my TV so much, whether or not for sports activities, gaming or staring at films and TV presentations by means of Netflix, Sky or Amazon.

Which one did I opt for? I went with a 55in Sony BRAVIA HDR Ultra HD TV set, because the evaluations have been excellent, I like Sony TVs, and it used to be reduced from £1002 to £779 on Amazon.

It used to be just a little over price range however I didn’t thoughts paying the additional because the TV itself is bloody surprising and, as a get advantages, it got here with Android TV put in which, for a hardcore Android consumer like myself, used to be a pleasant little bonus.

How Did I Justify This Determination?

Easy: my previous HDTV used to be getting a bit of lengthy within the teeth, used to be smaller than I would have appreciated, and I will unquestionably be purchasing the brand new PS4 as soon as it’s to be had later this yr. Because of this, it made ZERO sense to shop for some other 1080p HDTV as a result of I could pick up a 4K TV for more or less the same price as I paid for my old one, which is now 4 years previous.

I considered it for awhile and checked out my choices, after understanding how a lot I sought after to spend. I know 4K content material isn’t far and wide at the moment, however ahead considering tells me that during an overly brief area of time 4K will develop into the defacto method through which content material is delivered through maximum giant content material suppliers. And I would possibly as smartly be waiting for when that occurs, somewhat than purchasing a 1080p TV at times feeling like I’m lacking out in 18 months time.

Do You Want A 4K TV?

Probably. The best way I see it there are four simple types of user that are suited to 4K over 1080p right now. And those are as follows:


In case you’re a major console gamer then a 4K TV makes a large number of sense. Each Sony and Microsoft will free up their 4K-ready consoles later this yr, that means a slew of up to date 4K gaming reviews will probably be to be had all through 2017. As I stated previous, I’m surely getting the brand new PS4 when it comes out and this used to be simply the largest motivating issue at the back of my determination to spend money on a brand new 4K TV.

Movie Buffs

I love movies and watch almost certainly 3 or 4 every week – every now and then extra. I used to make use of BlueRay so much, however after the upward push of Netflix, Amazon Movie, and Google Play Films, my utilization went down. I most well-liked the ease of downloading content material as opposed to purchasing bodily copies. I’m additionally shifting space quickly and can most probably pony-up for Sky Q as smartly with a view to benefit from Sky’s film choices.

Sports activities Enthusiasts

Soccer. F1. Cricket. Rugby – all glance superb in 4K, and should you’re a right kind fan that spends a whole weekend observing fits, races, or innings then a 4K begins to make a large number of sense, as sports activities is among the highest issues EVER to peer in 4K – particularly F1!

The ones With Historic TV Units

If in case you have a REALLY previous TV set, person who in all probability isn’t even 1080p, then, you sir, have waited lengthy sufficient! You’re due an update and while you do chances are you'll as smartly opt for a 4K unit, as they’re round the similar worth as maximum most sensible of line HDTVs now.

And whilst TVs are rather pricey, you must put issues into context. Most of the people get A LOT of milage out in their TV units. I definitely do. And while you don’t in point of fact have to switch it for part a decade, on the very least, what is £600 for a brand new one within the grand scheme of items?

The best way I bought it to myself used to be easy: I’d do a large number of paintings, avoid wasting money and deal with myself to a brand new TV set. I couldn’t simply pass out and by way of one, now not on my wages, however the concept of enjoying video games and observing F1 in 4K used to be sufficient to encourage me to tug my finger out. It took a couple of months however now I have one strapped to my wall it used to be all value it.

Now I simply want to save up for my subsequent acquire: the PS4 Pro, which is due to land in November.


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