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What Today’s Android Phones Tell Us About The iPhone 7 (And iPhone 8…)


What Today’s Android Phones Tell Us About The iPhone 7 (And iPhone 8…)

Want to understand what the following iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 will probably be like? Simple: simply take a look at nowadays’s flagship Androids


Apple’s iPhones are particularly in style. Apple sells insane quantities of them each and every quarter and has performed considering the fact that...smartly...because it first began promoting them long ago in 2007. Apple’s type is discreet and the iPhone is its money cow, so the corporate could be very cautious in terms of converting issues, that is why we get incremental updates among each and every new remodel.

Say what you wish to have approximately Apple, its telephones, and Jony Ive, however the components -- a very easy method -- works. Apple has grown its telephone industry steadily over the last 4 years and the web end result these days, in large part way to it effectively tapping China, is a HUGE quantity of gross sales and a good larger pile of sales and income.

Apple used to be first out the gates with a real, touchscreen smartphone, person who captured the general public’s creativeness. It used to be the primary, sure. But Google and its legion of hardware companions temporarily rose to the instance, pumping out a myriad of handsets. And it used to be Google and its hardware companions that in reality driven the innovation curve relating to telephones.

Just take a look at how briskly issues modified among 2010 and 2015, examine the HTC Hero to the Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE. The evolution has been exceptional. And something has all the time been abundantly transparent due to the fact, smartly, round 2011 -- Android telephones have so much upper specifications and much more hardware jammed inside of them.

Whether you’re speaking approximately show solution, software processors, connectivity or reminiscence. Android all the time cast in advance in entrance of Apple. Hell, Android even did right kind multitasking ahead of the iPhone. Ditto for giving customers get entry to to better quantities of reminiscence and extra keep an eye on over their handset’s gadget settings -- one thing that has nonetheless but to occur in iOS.

O use an iPhone at the present, however from 2010 to 2014 O used to be just about Android thru-and-thru with occasional dips into BB10 and Windows Phone. And the cause of this used to be easy: A appreciated checking out out and the use of the recent specifications, hardware, and new forms of connectivity like BLE 4.0 and NFC. But O additionally spotted one thing else at the same time as dwelling within the Android camp for see you later…

Apple’s iPhone’s, virtually given that they first introduced, have ALWAYS been no less than one or generations at the back of present Android flagships. Just take a look at the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and the way they examine to the LG G4, Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4. Or how Android telephones, smartly, now not they all, have had water resistance and wireless charging for years.

You can say the similar factor approximately show generation too, or why it took Apple SO LONG to modify to ever-so-relatively greater show panels. Google’s Android companions, particularly Samsung and LG, are answerable for this shift in shopper angle. It is as a result of them we've large telephones with QHD panels at the entrance of them. They have modified the best way we view the telephone and what to anticipate from a show, at the same time as Apple, no less than for the previous few years, has merely adopted its nostril, claiming it is aware of easiest, sooner than ultimately -- virtually as whether it is beneath duress --conceding that, sure, perhaps it's time to do an iPhone with a regular-sized show.  

You without a doubt DO NOT want QHD panels and O understand a large number of other folks hate 6in presentations on telephones. But the purpose right here is if you wish to have an iPhone with respectable specifications, a factor we in fact were given this yr, you NEED Android manufacturers like Samsung and LG as a result of they’re the blokes that really force the implementation of higher hardware and specifications inside of iPhones, albeit at a miles later date.

A recognize, A understand. Apple sells extra telephones. But that’s now not the purpose right here; the purpose is far more effective: with out Android telephones, with out this kind of festival, the iPhone of nowadays may almost certainly appear and feel extra just like the iPhone 4 than the iPhone 6. Just glance what came about to BlackBerry telephones once they had a monopoly at the cellular area previous to the arriving of Google and Apple (solution: diddly squat).

Android is just right at introducing bleeding-facet generation, hardware, and specifications to the marketplace and making that stuff appear to be one thing everybody and his canine needs on their telephones. Apple's simply higher at promoting it in droves to shoppers around the globe. Plus, Apple has the additional advantage of controlling EVERYTHING that is going on inside of its environment, together with ALL monetary transactions. 

So, the ethical of the tale right here is inconspicuous: if you wish to recognize what Apple’s iPhones can be like in 2016 and 2017, simply take a look at up to date Android flagships nowadays. That’s what Apple’s been doing those previous couple of years that is why the iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 it will be water and mud resistant and feature 3-or-4GB of RAM and a QHD show. 

Richard Goodwin 16:12, 6 Aug 2015

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