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What Phone Does Bill Gates Use? It’s NOT Windows Phone…


What Phone Does Bill Gates Use? It’s NOT Windows Phone…

Richard Goodwin 27/09/2017 - 10:36am

Bill Gates is mega-rich however what phone does he use? Guessing it’s no longer a Windows Phone…

Bill Gates is likely one of the richest dudes on the planet, after founding Microsoft. Gates is now simplest more or less concerned within the corporate however nonetheless makes the unusual look right here and there, even though maximum of them are to do together with his charity.

Microsoft has a significantly chequered historical past with cell, extra so than some other generation corporate, and has attempted more than one instances to crack the marketplace. Not anything has labored but, in spite of thousands and thousands of greenbacks of funding and R&D.

So what phone do you employ whilst you’ve based probably the most largest generation corporate’s on this planet? In case you’re Bill Gates, it’s no longer an iPhone. No, by no means. Nor does he use Windows Phone. However who can blame him?

In line with Gates himself, he now makes use of an Android phone, even though he has no longer showed which type. Alternatively, he did say that it options A LOT of Microsoft device on it, indicating that it's more than likely the Microsoft Version of Samsung’s Galaxy S8.

Microsoft began promoting the Microsoft Edition of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 in its retail retail outlets this 12 months, packing it stuffed with Microsoft packages and device – such things as Place of job, OneDrive, Cortana, and Outlook. You'll, in fact, get ALL those packages by way of Google Play.

However the customized S8 handset does appear to signify that that is an initiative that Microsoft will proceed to push all through 2017/18. Despite the fact that no different handset has been showed but, even though a Word 8 model may smartly be at the playing cards.

Gates famously banned iPods and iPads in his house a couple of years again – even though he does admit that Steve Jobs was once a genius – however this truth on its own nonetheless wasn't sufficient to steer him to make use of a kind of pesky iPhones.

As for PCs, Gates it seems that makes use of a Windows system, as you’d be expecting.


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