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Ways Android Can Improve Your Home Office Productivity

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Ways Android Can Improve Your Home Office Productivity

Currently, the world is faced with the possibility of having its fuel wells depleted. However, through technological innovations such as solar trackers, the world is slowly finding an alternative source of energy which is not only environmental friendly but also free. By harnessing energy from the sun, the world can not only save the environment but also have access to vast amounts of energy at low costs and the developers of solar trackers are indeed thinking beyond today’s problems.


Working remotely is increasingly gaining in popularity and currently, a significant percentage of the employed people work from the comfort of their homes and only make periodic visits to their offices. Android users, for example, have found their phones increasingly beneficial to them and here are examples of how the Android OS makes life easy:

  • Android as a personal assistant

Hiring an assistant could be expensive but Android provides users with a perfect assistant who not only reminds them of important things but also answers almost every question that people have. It is also possible to seek direction and be accurately directed.

  • As a printer

While it can be expensive to buy a printer, it is easy and cheap to download an app such as Tiny Scanner and use it to turn a document into a picture or even a pdf file.

  • Dictate notes or write hands-free

Few people think of their phones as recorders but as it turns out, you can record conversations or your thoughts using your phone. Users can, therefore, record anything they want by just hitting the record button and then press the play button to have the recording play again later.


  • Manage email and multi-task

Smartphones have made reading emails easy and to some people, this is one of the most important features of phones. Each mail is, therefore, displayed on its own and you can deal with a single one at a time. The above makes it easy to concentrate on other things and only attend to your emails during your free time.

  • Discover and organize contacts

Creating a contact list is indeed the most basic of functionalities that a smartphone can do. Currently, people can sync their phone contacts with their social media contacts and also by using apps such as Truecaller identify strange numbers.

  • Create new and edit old documents

While this is not the most sought after feature of a phone (mainly because of typing on a small screen), it most certainly helps to know that you have the option of using your phone to take notes and also edit documents.

  • Project management

Project planning and management are the keys to finishing a task on time and with all factors in place. By using Android apps such as Basecamp, Wrike, and Trello users can manage projects using their phones.

  • Keep up with your calendar and events

While alternatives exist such as a physical calendar and your computer, using a phone makes more sense because it will always be with you. The above means that whenever and wherever you are, your phone will remind you and in some instances the alarm will go off and alert you regarding an upcoming event.

  • Plan trips and engagements

While calendars will help you remember the dates, it is essential that you also remember the places or venues. An app such as Gooist can help you plan and remember vacation destinations as well as the desired reservations.

  • Connect to a VPN

While working from home, there is always a time when connecting to the company’s VPN is inevitable. However, using the AnyConnect app for Android, users can connect to their company’s VPN and do whatever it is they want within the network.

  • Track your time

Timing yourself while working is always the best way to measure your speed as well as improve your workflow and productivity. You can, therefore, use apps such as Time Tracker, TimePunch, and Work Log to track your working hours and see how you spend your time every day.

  • Create Invoices

Drafting an invoice can be annoying especially if an individual is not used to financial jargon and mathematics. However, using Android apps such as Street Invoice and Invoice2Go, users can easily create their invoices and mail them to their clients.

Linear Actuators and Solar Trackers in Home Automation

The use of solar trackers is indeed gaining in popularity as more and people are becoming interested in the trackers as opposed to the stationary kind. By incorporating linear actuators, users have been able to set their solar panels in motion with the sun. The above means that the solar trackers move all day depending on the position of the sun. The idea here is to ensure that the solar panels are always facing the sun for maximum generation of electricity which in turn is then used to power a majority of home automation devices.


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