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Watch the Nexus 6P fail miserably at a bend test [VIDEO]

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Watch the Nexus 6P fail miserably at a bend test [VIDEO]

Thanks to the iPhone 6 and #bendgate, each and every new telephone is now topic to dozens of “bend exams” on YouTube. The Nexus 6P used to be just lately the topic of one such bend test, in addition to a scratch test and burn test. The entire gauntlet of utmost exams don’t paint a lovely image for the sturdiness of the Nexus 6P.

Let’s get started with the scratch test. The YouTuber used a set of selections that change on the Mohs Scale of Hardness to scratch the show. The show fared lovely smartly on this test by way of scratching proper round degree 6, that is the place you’d be expecting glass to scratch. However, after the scratch test used to be performed, the show gave the impression to crack very simply. The again of the Nexus 6P used to be really easy to scratch with a razor and keys.

The burn test, which used to be carried out through retaining a flame in an instant to the show, left a everlasting white spot. We’re now not positive why your telephone might ever be topic to such extreme warmth, however it sounds as if it’s a dangerous factor.

Nexus 6P bend

The bend test used to be the so much unexpected of the 3. He used to be in a position to bend the telephone virtually utterly in part with simply his naked palms. He says “my little sister may have bent this telephone in part,” however it seems to be to me like he needed to placed moderately a little bit of force on it. Still, he did handiest use his arms to do it. Are you ever going to place that so much drive on the telephone? Probably now not. The result of those exams don’t glance excellent, however in the actual global the Nexus 6P will have to be simply superb.


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